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Aqua Scent
An environmentally friendly, refreshing, green, organic, water soluble deodorant utilizing aroma therapy technology to enhance indoor air quality, reduce environmental stress and promote a pleasant atmosphere. Dilutable and 100% biodegradable. GALLONS
Bactimos Briquettes
An economically, environmentally safe, green bacterial product that kills only the larva of the mosquito and the black fly. This product is fast acting and thorough and harmless to man and is safe to fish, birds and other animals. It is non toxic and non corrosive. GRANULAR/BRIQUETTES
Bio Clean
This green, natural product provides a two-phase approach to cleaning and deodorizing carpet and fabric. It instantly deodorizes and dissolves grime and organic matter, then the bio-enzymatic activity begins breaking down organic residue. This aerosol is designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards. AEROSOL
Bio Paks
These environmentally friendly paks provide an easy way to bioremediate waste water systems. These convenient, water-soluble packets containing a concentrated, dry blend of stablized bacterial spores and micronutrients, instantly dissolve in water and release powerful waste-digesting bacteria. Each packet contains a premeasured amount of bacteria, so there is no mixing or measuring involved. This produst is all natural and safe to use. POUNDS
This natural citrus base product is designed to clear clogged drain lines. High pressure spraying through an 18\" tube allows fast penetration directly to the source of the problem where it immediately begins to dissolve grease, body oils and soap. It is a safe, non-acid, non-caustic, non-chlorinated, and non-toxic product. AEROSOL
Citra Float
This environmentally safe, natural, organic product is an excellent cleaner and degreaser especially designed for cleaning lift stations, parts and washing machines. Citra Float is non-hazardous, eco friendly and readily biodegrable product. GALLONS
Citra Soy
This product, a non-corrosive, non-chlorinated, environmentally safe, solvent is a blend of natural solvents that will remove grease, oil and other soils from machinery, equipment and floors. It is a safe, non-hazardous, eco friendly, organic product. GALLONS
Citrus Kleen
This natural and powerful solvent cleaner made from organic citrus distillation may be used in drains, on floors, in garbage cans and dumpsters or to remove most marking ink and chewing gum from carpets and fabrics. It allows for friendly, safe cleaning. USDA approved. GALLONS
Citrus Power
This environmentally safe product is effective in removing oily, greasy, soil from tile, concrete, marble and terrazzo floors. Its citrus scent leaves a pleasant aroma while degreasing. Citrus Power is fortified with a natural citrus base, has no acids,and is biodegradable. USDA approved. GALLONS
This is an environmentally safe, organic solvent degreaser developed to provide industries a safer way to clean grease, tar, oil, and grime from electrical and mechanical equipment. This product does not contain chlorinated or fluorinated solvents and is eco friendly. USDA approved. AEROSOL
Enviro Clean
This eco friendly, biological coil cleaner digests organic waste from air conditioners, heater coil fins and drain pans. This is a no rinse cleaner that is formulated to remove mold, fungus and odors. It is a non-acid product that is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic with no harsh fumes. GALLONS
Enviro Safe Concentrate
This green product is a revolutionary new formula that is an acid replacement. This biodegradable product has a high performance rate. This product is safe for users, surfaces and the environment. It has the cleaning power of an acid with the harshness of liquid dish soap. Enviro Safe is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, biodegradable and a safer way to clean. It had been designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards. GALLONS
Enviro Solv
Enviro Solv is an innovative biological concentrate containing naturally occurring bacteria and Neem Oil for the degradation of organic solids. The bacterial strains chosen for Enviro Solv degrade organic solids such as grease, proteins, and starches quickly and effectively. Neem Oil is one of the key ingredients in Enviro Solv and is an all natural plant extract derived from the seed oil of the neem tree. GALLONS
Enviro Systems G.T.
Enviro Systems G.T. is formulated specially for grease traps. Lipase enzymes target large particles of oil and grease, breaking them down into smaller particles so that the bacteria can more effectively eliminate the clogs. This product is resistant to chemicals, non-toxic, has a wide range of degradation capabillities with a highly concentrated bacterial count. GALLONS
Enviro Systems IB+LPC
This green, environmentally safe product is a biological drain line and grease trap treatment for use in heavy deposits of organic waste. It has a highly concentrated bacterial count, and is resistant to chemicals. This product is 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic. GALLONS
Enviro Systems II
This product is designed for portable toilets and holding tanks. It contains a synergized blend of selectively adapted Bacillus organisms, each strain is adapted for accelerated degradation of compounds such as grease, fats, oils and cellulose. This biologically enhanced product not only neutralizes the initial odor, but also eliminates the buildup causing the odor. This product is environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable. GALLONS
Enviro Systems III+LPC
This green product is a biological hard surface cleaner that controls odor. This product will neutralize odors and remove trapped organisms. This product is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and allows for safe cleaning. Enviro Systems III+LPC is Enviro Systems III with an enzyme additive that hastens and intensifies the cleaning process GALLONS
Enviro Systems IV+LPC
This green biological carpet cleaner controls odors and cleans all at the same time. The bacteria in this product will remain active long after the odors have been neutralized and the visible stains have been removed. This is great for use as an extractor and spotting agent. It is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, non caustic and non corrosive. Enviro Systems IV+LPC differs from Enviro Systems IV because it contains an enzyme which hastens and intensifies the cleaning process. USDA accepted.\r\n GALLONS
Enviro Systems VIII
A biological smoke and dumpster odor control treatment. This product is enhanced by bacterial cultures containing a synergized blend of selectively adapted Bacillus organisms adapted for accelerated degradation capabilities.\r\nEnviro Systems VIII is 100% bio-degradable, eco friendly, and allows for safe cleaning. GALLONS
F-Matic is an environmentally friendly botanical freshener that neutralizes odors leaving only fresh, invigorating aromas. It has a very subtle, naturally fresh aroma derived from organic extract from live plants, flowers and fruits. It is 100% bio-degradable, eco friendly, and the safest way to remove odors from a room. CASE/10
FCC-Foaming Coil Cleaner
This natural, green product is a powerful, thick, clinging foam that removes dirt, lint and grease from A/C and heater coil fins. This aerosol features a strong diretional spray which helps force foam into coil air spaces. The water-based foam creates no harsh vapors and leaves a fresh, natural scent. FCC is designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards. AEROSOL
Hydro Power Carpet & Stain Remover
This product, designed to meet the Green Seal standards, uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to eliminate stubborn stains and soils from carpet and upholstery. This environmentally friendly product contains special anti-resoiling agents to prevent dirt and soils from redepositing on the carpet. It dries to a tack-free residue that can be easily vacuumed away. BULK
Hydro Power Concentrate
This environmentally friendly liquid product is a powerful cleaner that destroys grease and stains using the power of hydrogen peroxide. It will lift away tough stains and soils from virtually any surface and deodorizes as it cleans while restoring the original color. It is designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards. BULK
Jaws Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner
An environmentally safe product specially formulated and designed for a glass, plastic and CRT cleaner and for other surfaces not harmed by water. This Green Seal certified product is a film-free and thermoplastic cleaner with a non-streaking and anti-fogging formula. CARTRIDGES
Jaws Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
This product meets Green Seal's environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. This product is residue free, has a pleasant fragrance, and is a heavy duty grease cutter and ink mark remover from non-porous surfaces. CARTRIDGE
Orange Aid
This natural drain maintainer is distilled from organic plant and vegetable material and contains no petroleum distillates. This green product has the natural scent of citrus, is bio-degradable and safe to use. If used in a weekly drain maintenance program as a degreaser and deodorant, it will keep drains free running and sanitary. It is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing garbage disposals. GALLONS
Pressure Plumber
This user friendly, environmentally safe pressurized drain opener cleans clogged or sluggish drains in seconds without the use of harsh chemicals, acids, or lye. It is easy to use, absolutely safe, and very economical.\r\n DOZENS
A natural fabric and upholstery refreshener that contains a bio-enzymatic foam that penetrates porous surfaces to instantly deodorize and clean away malodors. This environmentally friendly aerosol is designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards AEROSOL
Soy Float
This green product is a waste water lift station cleaner and degreaser. This product is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and is made from American grown soybeans. This natural, organic product is safe to use and is environmentally friendly. GALLONS
Soy Kleen
This green product is an all-purpose cleaner and solvent. Soy Kleen/Soy Kleen SG is great as a parts washer and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Soy Kleen, a natural product, is manufactured from American-grown soybeans, and is environmentally safe, GALLONS
Soyl Away
A natural soy bean oil based aerosol cleaner and degreaser that is non-toxic, contains no VOC's, and is a non-petroleum based product. It removes grease, oil, sludge, dirt, tar, asphalt, mastic and adhesive without harming the cleaning surface. If not rinsed, Soyl Away leaves a great rust preventing coating. This natural, green product is designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards. AEROSOL
TBC-Total Bathroom Cleaner
This green product is a blend of biodegradable cleaners and enzyme-producing bacteria that work together to safely dissolve and digest organic deposits that cause odors. This product is safe to use on or around toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, countertops, tile, and mirrors. It is user friendly. This aerosol is designed to meet the Green Seal standards. AEROSOL
Triple Zero Concentrate
This environmentally safe multipurpose cleaner concentrate has a zero rating in three NFPA catagories of flammability, health, and reactivity. It is so safe it can be used to clean virtually any surface but strong enough to remove heavy dirt, grease, adhesives and deodorizes as it cleans. This product is designed to meet the rigorous Green Seal standards. BULK
This stick up unit refreshes the air you breathe by neutralizing offensive odors and replacing them with a light, natural fragrance. It's solid organic fragrance provides complete safety to people and the environment. Recommended for use in hotel rooms, office cubicles, work stations, automobiles, RV's, boats, elevators and garbage receptacles. This green product is made from organic natural ingredients. CASE/10